About Badacast

Welcome, This is BADACAST!

The official home of the acclaimed and award-winning comedy podcast According To Bada.

Launching in February of 2015, BADACAST.COM is the brainchild of one of the funniest minds in the game. 

Whether taking a long stroll down memory lane or roasting the current trends, you’re guaranteed to see or hear something that will leave you laughing.

BADACAST is as rough and irreverent as the Brooklyn, New York streets of its Namesake.

A Pre-Hipster Born Williamsburg Native, Bada, is at the helm.

He took a hobby and is now transforming it into a media network unlike any other. 

Fighting for the right to free speech while making his adoring public chuckle has become a serious mission.

The self-described ‘satirical smart-ass with a passion for making people laugh’ enjoys indulging in profanity and brutal honesty.  

Badacast is in a continued growth period and is anticipated to be a household name in no time at all! 


Bada welcomes you home, and sends you off with love and laughs each and every time you visit.

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