Be forewarned, this rant is about a topic that some might have delicate feelings toward ….

When it comes to weed, marijuana, pot, ganja, sticky icky, Jamaican death, whatever u like to call it, the reality of the situation isnt as simple as black and white. Legal not legal. Used and abused. Whatever element u look at theres users and abusers. The sun, u have your user who in July and August go out to the beach with some lotion and absorb the sun and get a tan, then u have the abusers who go into a friggin’ metal coffin with lights and stay there for hours each week until they’re way passed crisp. God knows exactly what your doing to yourself. Or how about the alcoholics as compared to the socialites? Or the sexaholics vs your average horny couple? The list goes on and on. moderation is balance. Thats the point here. I get it if your in ur 60s and stuck in ur ways no problem. But anyone under 40 yrs old that has issues with weed needs to come to their senses and get behind this wonderful medical, recreational and spiritual all natural herb. The black market will survive just fine without it, there will be no need for corruption in the legal businesses that would be able to distribute it. And as for those trumped up numbers about 85% of weed smokers move on to other drugs? No, i think 85% of losers who try weed then go ahead and continue on their paths of being the loser they were gunna be anyway. If you cant get off the xbox and get a job and need to blame that on ANYTHING except your own lazy ass then thats a problem even the public cant fix. Now put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.