Netflix Cheat Codes

Who doesn’t like some Netflix and chill time?

The thing is, no one wants to spend forever searching thru titles just to find something that interests them.

Luckily, the developers of the Netflix website added some hidden gems that makes browsing much, much easier.

So here’s the deal, if you log on, you’ll notice in the drop down menu, there are only about 22 genres to choose from.

But, what about all those sub-genres that some of us love?

Where is the list of only the werewolf horror movie titles?

What if I feel like watching a sports comedy in particular, or maybe id like to see a list of all of the satanic stories that Netflix has to offer.

Well, now you can go directly to your favorite category with this little-known trick built into the Netflix website.

While in your browser, not the app, enter the following URL – – and leave the ### blank.

Now, look at the comprehensive list HERE, and pick your favorite genre.

In the URL, in place of the ### enter the number corresponding to the genre you like.


For action and adventure, for example, we would enter and press enter.

For Children Shows, for ages 5 to 7, we would type

Get It?


Now go enjoy some Netflix and chill…and hey, if you can, why not Imax and Climax while your at it?

-Bada 3-29-17